About us



My name is Zoya. We live in Vladivostok, the capital of the Primorsky Territory, which is located on the Pacific coast of the Russian Far East. Beautiful land of pristine taiga, mountains, rivers and fields, the land of reserves, the Land of Tiger and Leopard. We tied our careers with these amazing  places. Me and my husband Andrey are scientists, biology specialists. Our daughter Olga is tourism specialist, and our second daughter Elena have economy specialization, and she shared with me fascination of cinology.




Our first dog was the Russian Black Terrier named Nord. He appeared in our family in 1990 and lived with us during 8 happy and unforgettable years. Since the dogs were always in our home. Our “blackie” Nord had made us the real fans of this wonderful breed for more than 20 years. Russian Black Terrier is in our house at this time too. His name is Othello iz Orlinogo Gnezda, (Timothy), and he is 9 years old now.



And in 2008, we met a charming breed “papillon” - soon we got the first Papillon in our home - our  "silk butterfly" Aisidora Aris (Asya). "Butterflies" entered our lives quietly on their soft hare feets, and ... swiftly turned our life. Charming, graceful and clever creation, always playful and cheerful, ready to share with the owner in a soft bed and in a camp tent, they could not leave anyone indifferent.

In 2010, we were visited our  "sunny boy" Sher Ocean Of Love (Sean). In the same year, we have registered our kennel with the prefix «DE L'ARISTIENES», and in January 2011 was received our first litter.


Our dogs is an important part of our life and we treat them like family members. We provide each of them with utmost care and love. Therefore, most of the free time we spend with them outside of the city, in our country house, which is located 50km away from Vladivostok in the beautiful countryside. It is cozy two-story villa  and  2,500 square meters of fenced paddocks where our pets enjoy the freedom and active games outdoors, and we do have one favorite thing - the cultivation of flowers in our garden.



We do not accept the content of the dogs locked up in cages, all our pets live with us as family members, with full freedom of movement at home, as well as mandatory daily morning and evening walks in the park or in the woods for active play, health and a happy mood.

Our puppies are also grown "in the family", are in constant contact with us and our senior dogs are first socialization and habituation to the collar and leash. After vaccination for their possible short walks outdoors and short car ride.


Our responsibility does not end after the departure of the puppies in new homes, we are always ready to help our owners advice on any matters of cultivation, care and education of our puppies, as well as provide support and assistance in organizing their show career and Bering training.


Our goal in breeding - getting quality pedigree livestock, healthy physically and mentally, and continuous improvement by working with a mixture of blood and produce new interesting combinations. And also - the creation of congenial, loving our breed a team of associates who are ready to support and continue our business started, the ultimate mission is - beautiful inside and out, true royal dogs, Papillons and Phalenes.



Best regards,

Zoya Kozhevnikova